We offers instruction in fundamental to advanced kayaking skills and the application of those skills river paddling. We love to teach whitewater kayaking in the region of Himalaya. We offer training courses for paddlers of all interests and abilities, from beginner to advance. Our courses include a wide range of venues and purposes: introductory, beginner and intermediate white water skills, and advanced white water skills.



A day designed to give you an enjoyable introduction to kayaking. We run this course entirely on flat water in maneuverable short kayaks. You'll cover everything from what clothing and equipment to choose right up to basic rescue skills, not to mention plenty of paddling. By the end of the day you'll have all of the foundation skills you need to progress in your new sport

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intermediate01For the intermediate kayaker, training will depend on the goal for the kayaker. Means if he/she wants to improve white water kayaking skills, we will be paddling rivers and focus on reading water, international river rules, safe paddling with groups and fun while boating. For the rodeo interested, we will focus on surfing, find a play hole and practice cartwheels, blunts, squirts and the sort to improve our hole and wave riding skills.

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Here we will focus on more difficult waters as well as some rivers I have discovered and paddled myself. Our main focus here will be on organizing and preparing of expeditions, safe boating and leading of groups, advanced water reading, play boating and expedition boating. All that will happen while we are going to have fun on the river.

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